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Life Insurance for Overweight People

When it comes to getting affordable life insurance, people who are overweight have a much tougher time getting the type of policy they want which will fit their budget. Why Overweight People are Risky Candidates? There is a simple reason why life insurance for overweight individuals costs […]

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Medicaid Eligibility and Life Insurance

When it comes to the relationship of Medicaid and life insurance, it is important to remember that the interaction may affect your qualifications for receiving Medicaid. Initiated over 50 years ago, Medicaid was designed to provide the poor with access to medical care. Today, it is an […]

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Unclaimed Life Insurance Policy

Every year it is estimated that hundreds of millions of dollars go to waste from unclaimed life insurance policies. In fact, there are no reliable statistics but it is estimated that there are billions of dollars in unclaimed insurance policies just waiting for the beneficiaries to show […]

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