Life Insurance for Seniors from 60 to 90 Years Old

Nobody likes to think about death, but getting life insurance not only is the responsible thing to do, but it also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t be a burden to your loved ones after you have passed on. While it is harder for seniors to find a good life insurance policy, it’s not impossible. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

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Group of elderly couples of all races aged 60 to 90

The Different Types Of Life Insurance For Seniors

When it comes to securing your future, understanding the different types of life insurance and how they can help you or your loved ones is important. Seniors who are 50 to 90 years old have three different options and each one works well in different situations.


Term life insurance is valid for a certain number of years. If you choose a five-year policy and are still alive at the end of the policy, you need to choose a new policy or you will not have coverage. However, the terms given are usually very generous and this type of life insurance can often pay out at very high levels.


  • Easy to get coverage.
  • Cheaper than most other forms.
  • Pays out at very high rates.
  • Premiums never change during the fixed term.

In terms of cost, a man or woman who is 60 years old might be able to find coverage for as low as $15 for $10,000 in coverage or as high as $250 a month for coverage approaching a million dollars. However, someone who is 90 years old can expect to pay a minimum of $40 and a maximum of around $700 for the same levels of coverage.

Permanent or Whole

Permanent life insurance is just what it sounds like, insurance that never has an end term and is always going to be valid as long as you are paying your premiums. It is generally a bit more expensive than other options, but if you are reasonably healthy and feel like you will remain in good health for a number of years it will usually work out to be cheaper than term life insurance.


  • You never have to worry about losing coverage.
  • Premiums start higher than term insurance but work out cheaper over time.
  • Only require one qualifying event.
  • Works best when purchased earlier on in life.

In terms of cost, someone who is 60 years old is like to pay $47 to $500 a month depending on the coverage that they want. Someone who is 90 years old will find their rates starting at around $100 a month and going up to $700 a month depending on the coverage selected. You can also choose a policy that is graded over time.


Burial life insurance is meant to cover only the cost of your burial and anything that you may have left behind after you die. This means that policies are much less expensive, but that you won’t be leaving a lot of money to your children or spouse. This type of insurance can be a good choice for people who are on a tight budget.


  • It can be extremely cheap.
  • It ensures that your funeral will not be a burden.
  • Pays out immediately upon your death.
  • Tailored to your needs.
  • You can pay for extra coverage to leave something to your children.

In terms of cost, someone who is age 60 might pay rates as low as $20 for $10,000 in coverage, or might pay up to $120 for $25,000 in coverage. Someone who is age 90 may have rates starting at $40 and going up to $200 for the same levels of coverage.

Note: The pricing mentioned here is not fixed as life insurance premium is volatile and heavily dependent on certain factors such as age, gender, health condition, lifestyle, coverage amount, location and so on. In order to get a proper quote, click here.

Pre-Retirement Seniors Over 60

Experts say that it’s important for seniors over 60 to have a life insurance policy. Often, those seniors who have not yet reached full retirement age, are still working a steady job. This makes it much easier to find a policy with a lower premium. However, certain health factors could still make it difficult to find affordable life insurance. Term life insurance is usually the best fit for seniors that go into this group, as you’ll pay a lower premium which will remain the same through the end of the policy period.

Retired Seniors Aged 65 and Upwards

While it is a bit more difficult for retired seniors over 65 to find affordable life insurance, it’s still possible. As you age, you begin to think about the financial condition of your estate, and what kind of impact it will have on your loved ones. A good life insurance policy helps to relieve some of that stress. Knowing that you won’t cause your loved ones to experience a financial hardship when you die, will actually help you to live a longer, happier life. Take advantage of the internet to compare pricing when searching for the best premium. Let us help you find a life insurance at sixty five.

Life Insurance Quotes for FreeSeniors Aged 70 and Over

There is nothing that adds more joy to your life than watching your grandchildren growing up. You’d love to do something that could give them an advantage in life, such as funding the cost of attending college someday. A term life insurance policy can make it possible for you to leave such a legacy to them. It’ll also help to cover the cost of your funeral expenses and pay for outstanding debts like credit card and mortgage debt. To get the best premium possible, work to eliminate any bad habits, like smoking or drinking, and avoid developing any new ones. Read more about them here.

Seniors Over 75 – Don’t Forget to Leave Behind a Legacy

As life expectancy grows shorter, it becomes more difficult to find an affordable life insurance policy. Health gradually deteriorates over time, and insurer’s need to take that into account. It’s still highly recommended that you attain a policy if you can afford the premium, in order to leave a legacy for your family. If you’re on a budget, spend some time to determine how large of a policy you have to have to make a realistic plan. Shop around for term life insurance, and try to find a policy that has a 20-year term. You’ll be able to renew it if you do outlive the plan. So, how to do plan a senior life insurance over 75, here’s the guidance.

Seniors Over 80 – Just Passed the Average Life Expectancy Age

Most people expect that it would be impossible for seniors over 80 to obtain life insurance, but this simply isn’t true. You should at least find a policy to cover basic needs such as funeral expenses. The average cost of a funeral in the United States has risen to about $9,000, and it continues to grow. Even if your loved ones are doing well enough financially, it is often difficult to come up with that kind of money on short notice. To avoid placing such a burden on them, you should examine your needs to determine the right amount of coverage that you need.

Seniors Over 85 – You Can Still Manage a Life Coverage

It is still possible for seniors over 85 years old to find affordable coverage. You’re most likely going to have to apply for a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy, which has a built-in 12 to 24 month waiting period before full benefits would pay out. If you die before the end of the waiting period, your benefits will equal the amount of the payments you’ve made thus far. Full death benefits will kick in if you survive past the waiting period, making it possible for you to leave a legacy still. No exam life insurance is more expensive, but you’ll be able to attain a policy without submitting to a medical examination. Learn more details on life policy over 85 here.

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Seniors Over 90 – Are You Too Old to Grab a Life Policy?

More Americans are living into their 90’s and beyond all the time. If you are one of them, and still don’t have a life insurance policy, it’s not too late. Admittedly, it’ll be much harder to find an affordable policy, but if you take the time to shop around, you should be able to find one that works with your budget. Being able to cover your funeral costs and leave a legacy for your loved ones, are the biggest motivating factors to want to get a policy at this age. It can be confusing for seniors over 90 to choose the right type of life coverage.

Nobody wants their death to cause a financial burden for their family members, and you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your death won’t become one. It’s never too late for most seniors to find an affordable life insurance policy that will protect their families from financial hardship.

How Do You Save On Senior Life Insurance?

It might be time to scout the market for a comprehensive senior life insurance plan. To determine a good fit, it’s important to analyze the market and take your time.

Here are three important tips to consider before saving on senior life insurance.

1) Compare Quotes

The best place to start is by comparing various life insurance quotes.

Sit down and set a budget along with your list of requirements for the insurance coverage. This offers a guideline for insurance agents to work with and can ensure a solid deal is found. Take your time with the insurance quotes and weigh them for quality, affordability, and consistency.

Don’t assume anything and be ready to stay patient.

2) Assess Features

What are you looking for in the life insurance plan?

Key features are necessary to make the coverage comprehensive. Without this, it might not yield the level of protection you’re after.

Go ahead and assess the features making sure things are fitting with your needs. If not, the results might be inferior, and you might get a higher quote.

3) Consider “Group” Buys

One of the best ways to save on life insurance is a group buy.

This is when a collective group of seniors invests in the same insurance plan for a reduced rate. This is easier for those who are planning to work for several years and might be able to sign up for their employer’s network. This is a good option to consider while making a decision.

These are the best ways to save on life insurance for seniors between the ages 50-90. Take your time to research various plans, features, and quotes before deciding. The right option is out there for those who consider this as an investment and choose noteworthy features.