Burial Insurance for Seniors Over 90

When it comes to seniors who have reached the age of 90, there is still a way for them to cover their funeral expenses thanks to burial insurance. In this article, you will come to how funeral or burial coverage help seniors of this age and where to get the best rate.

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Importance of Burial Insurance for Seniors Over 90:

Get Funeral Insurance for Seniors Over 90 with Affordable PremiumAffordable burial insurance for seniors over 90 is designed to cover all the expenses of the funeral, including the ceremony, headstone, flowers and more. This form of insurance it designed to ensure that your burial expenses are covered and are not a burden to the finances of your family. While burial insurance can be purchased by anyone who qualifies for life insurance, seniors over 90 are included as well and can pay a nominal monthly cost which will cover their funeral expenses.

Burial insurance is really important that is directed at covering the cost of funeral expenses. Therefore, depending on the type of plan that you choose, your burial insurance policy may leave an amount well above the funeral costs so that your family can use the money to help meet their own needs.

The leftover money can be used to help pay off debts, save for college tuition, go towards retirement savings or even be used as part of a pre-planned funeral costs for the children who are reaching their golden years.

Where to Buy Funeral Insurance?

You can find funeral insurance for seniors over 90 from traditional insurance companies or funeral homes that offer it as part of their pre-planning packages. The good news for seniors is that burial insurance is very easy to find as virtually all companies that carry life insurance will also have funeral insurance as well. So, seniors can stay with the sources they trust when it comes to finding this particular type of insurance policy. Get free instant funeral quotes from us and save on premium.

Three of the most popular types of burial insurance for seniors over 90 include the following;

  • Traditional Life Insurance with Family Member as the Beneficiary
  • Traditional Life Insurance with the Funeral Director as the Beneficiary
  • Pre-Planned Contract with a particular Funeral Home

You can choose from the different types of burial insurance available which best fits your needs and those which cover the family expenses.

Cost and Expenses of Burial Insurance:

Today, the average funeral cost is roughly $9,000. There are several expenses which are included in funeral costs that include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Casket
  • Embalming
  • Visitation
  • Headstone
  • Hearse
  • Grave Digging
  • Plot, Flower and More

Together, each of these costs generally range up to $9,000 on average for a traditional funeral ceremony. While cremation is a less expensive option, it may not be the choice that you or your family will want to make. Therefore, having the right burial insurance at 90 means having your wishes covered when it comes to your funeral without having a financial burden placed on your family.

You may also try out traditional life insurance for people over 90. This type of policy should offer broader coverage with higher premium.