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For those reaching their golden years and looking forward to a relaxing retirement, life insurance is one of the more important considerations. While there are many different insurance options, no exam life insurance has several important benefits specifically for seniors.

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Should You Buy a No Medical Exam Life Plan - Yes or No?There could be many reasons for the popularity of this policy type, but it is certainly proven to be the policy of choice for senior citizens looking for insurance policies that have less stringent stipulations even if they do mean paying a higher premium.

Offering a premium that is not attached to a scathing medical examination is not a new concept, but the modern senior citizen is in better health and with improved life expectancy than were common twenty or even ten years ago.

This trend in better health has encouraged insurance providers to offer term life insurance without medical exam to seniors at a better price.

What is a ‘No Medical Exam Life Insurance’?

As its name implies, life insurance without exam offers seniors many benefits of regular life insurance policies along with the promise of financial assistance to the family and loved ones should something happen to the policy bearer.

Typically a medical examination is applied to ascertain the risk being shouldered by the insurance provider. A medical check will help the insurance provider set the best possible rates for the policy. This risk assessment has been a part of insurance policies since the onset of this financial security plan.

How does it work for the senior?

Doctor Checking Blood Pressure of a PatientWith a senior citizen’s no exam insurance policy, things are different. The insurance company does not apply such severe guidelines to their policy premiums.

They will typically rely on the age of the applicant and the answers to some more important health-related questions as well as a few other non-medical issues that could influence the ideal rates for the benefits provided.

How long is the policy valid for?

The coverage found here is a lot like that found in term-life insurance, where the applicant is provided with coverage for a specific amount of time. This could be ten to twenty years or more depending on provisos laid out in the insurance policy.

There are some distinct advantages and disadvantages associated with this type of policy.

When Does Life Insurance Without Physical Exam Make Sense? [Specially Seniors]

The Current of Health Conditions:

Those who have undergone serious health issues in the past may find that term life insurance with no medical exam would be the only choice they have. Those who have suffered from especially debilitating diseases or those that tend to recur in the future, cancer, for example, are not eligible for standard policies.

Those that have long lasting health conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis or heart conditions may also benefit from the no exam life insurance policy.

Better Premiums:

Many of the most reputable insurance providers offer very competitive rates over their competition. This is a good reason to choose no exam life insurance specially for the seniors over 50 years. Lower premiums add intrinsic value to the policy providing coverage.

Less Paperwork Require for No Exam Term Life Policy Online

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Fewer Procedures and  Hassle:

Medical tests can be an especially unpleasant process for a senior citizen who has kept themselves in good health over the past few years. Furthermore, the older the applicant, the less they will want to submit to a medical examination simply for an insurance policy.

So, finally…

With the no exam term life insurance, the underwriting process is faster, and the benefits can even be enjoyed by the following day which is a real opportunity for the elderly people.

Of course, you will still need to take the time to compare the premiums, coverage and policy details as well as arrange payments methods for the policy you choose. But this is a straightforward process and requires little paperwork.

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When Such Plan Doesn’t Make Sense? [Important Read]

Term Life Insurance Quotes No Medical Exam Are Available, No Need to Think TwiceDespite the advantages of a no medical exam life insurance policy, some reasons would make the standard term life insurance policy more ideal, even if they are only issued after a medical examination or test.

Excellent Health: If you are a senior citizen in good health and without any of the health conditions that could affect your policy, you may be able to apply for the standard whole life insurance policy and enjoy considerably lower rates. If you believe that the medical review won’t pose an obstacle to you, this may be your best option.

High Premiums: You will find that a life insurance without medical exam or health questions is considerably more costly than the regular term policy. When you are shopping around for a life coverage, you might find that your no exam insurance coverage is beyond your budget capacity or not worth the higher cost.

Insurance providers offering these plans are not able to adequately assess the risk they will incur, and so they compensate their possible losses with a higher premium.

Age: For those in good health, the younger you are, the better your chances of finding an inexpensive insurance policy. For those who are nearing their senior years the prices difference between no exam insurance policies and the standard type can be staggering.

This means that even though the medical testing can be a slight inconvenience, it is worth the reduced costs in premiums.

How Do You Know A Policy Without Exam is Suitable for You?

Preparation for Best Possible Result in Life Insurance Medical ExamSeveral important considerations will indicate the best option for you. One of the primary factors has to do with the size of benefit you wish to provide your family should the worst happen.

Smaller benefits that will cover the costs of funeral arrangement and debts will usually be provided by a policy that is still relatively inexpensive. This may offset the expenses incurred by no exam insurance policies.

Insurance providers will often lower the premiums if the benefits are also small. This would be one example of how the slightly increased costs of no exam insurance policy may still be an advantage.

On the other hand

If you are looking to leave your surviving family a real legacy and a sizable benefit, you will also be looking at some pretty high premiums. This sizable legacy can provide no end of benefit to the security, education and any other particulars you would like to address.

You will want to consider all your options before making a decision. This is rather easy to get multiple term life insurance quotes without medical exam with the help of our policy comparison tool. All you need is to click here to start the procedure.

In Conclusion

It is important to look at your policy and options from every angle before making the decision best for you. You will want to consider your financial situation as a whole including current debt as well as entire estates. This will give you a better picture of what you are leaving behind to those loved ones who will be most affected by your demise.

The time to decide…

In the end, the no exam life insurance is the most advantageous option for senior citizens. Nevertheless, some specific factors must be considered to determine the best choice for the individual.

Never forget that the right policy applied at the right time can provide many benefits to your family. By the same measure, the wrong policy for you can cost you a considerable amount of cash which won’t be worth the pay off in the end.

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