Life Insurance for Seniors Over 70

If you are a senior over the age of 70, you may assume that it’s not possible to find an affordable life insurance policy for yourself. Even factoring in the expected life expectancy of men and women in the United States, many insurers still offer policies at prices that you can afford.

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Here are some suggestions to help you to find the best life insurance for seniors over 70 years that meets all of your needs, and won’t cost you and arm and a leg.

The life expectancy in the USA is approximately 79 in 2014  according to WorldBank data.

Healthy Parent Seniors Over 70 Looking for Life InsuranceYour reason for wanting a life insurance over 70 is most likely because you want to ensure that you have coverage that will take care of your funeral and burial costs, estate planning and taxes, debt repayment, etc. In other words, you are looking for peace of mind that you won’t become a burden for your beneficiaries after you’ve passed. Insurers understand your needs and have policies that are designed to meet those needs that have affordable rates.

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Why Life Insurance Is So Important To Seniors Over 70

Life expectancy continues to increase due to advances in medical science. People are living longer today than previous generations did. In addition to better medical care, people are also better educated about their health and more conscious of how their decisions impact the longevity of their lives.

As a result, individuals who retire in their early 60’s live much more active lives than previous generations of retirees did. Yet, they are also aware that health often begins to deteriorate at that stage of their lives, and they experience anxiety about the financial situation that their beneficiaries will inherit after they’re gone.

The Elderly Do Not Want To Be A Burden To Their Families

Most senior citizens desire to have a life insurance policy to protect their family from experiencing a financial burden, which is often the result following the death of a loved one. The funeral and burial expenses are much higher than they once were, and they continue to grow. Most of the time when your loved ones are in the midst of raising their own families and have stretched budgets as a result.

Do you have enough funds to pay for funeral?

It can be difficult for them to absorb the costs of paying for a funeral and burial at that stage of their lives. Your life insurance policy will provide coverage to protect them from having to endure a financial hardship. This is one of the most important reasons for seniors to have life insurance.

Life Insurance Quotes for Seniors Over 70

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Which Is Better, Term Life Insurance Or Whole Life Insurance?

Get a Life Insurance for Elderly Parents Over 70 to Remove BurdenLife insurance for seniors over 70, while affordable, is still going to cost more than it would for a younger person. You’ll have the option of choosing either term life or whole life insurance.

Term life insurance can be an excellent choice for seniors over 70 because it is a less expensive option to choose. We offer competitive term life rates for our customers which are packed with valuable benefits as well.

How Does Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Work?

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance is a policy that has a maturity requirement that needs to be met before the policy will be paid out in full. In other words, your plan will include a maturity period, usually a period of 2 to 3 years. If you would die before this period has concluded, the only benefits that would be paid out would be the premiums that were paid. In that case, your beneficiaries would receive only the amount that had been paid in premiums up until the time of your death.

Some Factors That Could Lead To Premium Increases

It is essential for you to become familiar with all the rules and regulations of a policy before underwriting it. The state of your health at the start of the policy is critical for deciding upon your premium. If you give up any bad habits, like drinking alcohol or using tobacco in any form, before you apply, you’ll increase your chances of getting good coverage at a great price. These bad habits cause you to be vulnerable to many types of illnesses and disease, like cancer. This makes the likelihood of an earlier death much higher.

You may be required to submit to a medical exam to verify your current health status. It’s nearly certain that insurers will still ask questions about your health even if you apply for a “no examination” policy. If your health is at risk because of avoidable unhealthy habits, then your premium will likely be much higher than for people who live more healthy lifestyles.

Life Insurance Quotes for Seniors Over 70:

How to Find the Best Life Insurance for Elderly Over 70?Your goal is to get a policy that provides the coverage that you need at an affordable premium until the end of your policy. It can be a tedious process to find a policy that meets these requirements when you are over 70 years old. To avoid frustration, and to simplify the process for yourself, you may want to go through an independent broker who has the knowledge of the market and the experience to find you the best rates.

The broker will do all the research on your behalf, and help you to find a suitable coverage at the best price.

The key thing is…

If you have any pre-existing health conditions, it’s important to disclose those to your broker up front. It is vitally important to avoid providing any misleading details as well. You’ll only be able to find a policy that will work for you if you provide the pertinent details of your health. By shopping around with us, you’ll receive the highest number of quotes based upon your actual level of health, and at the best rates possible.

Financial Security For Your Family

You’ll ensure that the financial security of your family is protected by choosing the right insurance carrier and coverage plan. You’ll no longer have the stress of worrying about what will happen after you have died, and you’ll have the peace of mind that your death won’t cause a financial burden for your family. You can even choose to carry up to the full cost of your grandchild’s education, thereby ensuring that you’ve left a legacy for the next generation.

If you are worried about paying for parents funeral, buy a decent life insurance, and you no longer need to bother. Can you buy one without their permission, here’s the answer.

Your best chance of achieving all your goals is to make the right decision at the right time. The longer that you’ll be able to continue with the policy, the more benefits that you’ll be able to obtain from insurers. Because of this, acting now is a critical part of securing a good policy.

Bottom Line:

Life insurance for seniors over 70 is not only obtainable, but it can also be affordable. How affordable it will be is largely dependent upon your health at the issuance of the policy. Even if it is more expensive for you, can you really put a price tag on the financial security of your family, and your own peace of mind?

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