Term Life Insurance for Seniors Over 60

If you are someone over 60 years of age, and you die suddenly, then your family members could be significantly responsible for the major expenses you leave behind, especially if you do not have a life policy to help pad the burden. Life insurance is a great way for seniors over 60 years old to protect their families from becoming financially drained with the burden of end of major life expenses.

A life policy can help to protect your family from all funeral and death expenses, the high costs of medical bills, and most other outstanding debts left behind like the mortgage payments, credit card bills and personal or business loans. A life policy can help to provide for a special needs dependent in the event of your death.

So, now you realize how important this is to get life coverage. There are different types of life insurance available with a verity of benefits levels. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of term life insurance for seniors over 60 years.

If you don’t know what term life insurance is and how it works, then read this article.


Ger Term Life Insurance at 60 and Save MoneyA great benefit of term life policy for the seniors over 60 is that a high-quality plan will help close the gap which can happen for the survivor who receives Social Security benefits. Many survivors realize that it takes time to start the Social Security payments and to begin receiving the assistance. Life insurance proceeds are quickly paid a few different ways like a large sum, and they are usually non-taxable so that the recipient can use the payment from the proceeds any way they like or need to use them.

You can purchase term life insurance for people over 60 from us online. All it takes is just a few minutes of your time to sign up. Both the term and the permanent life policies are all available at this age. There are a few individual limitations when it comes to purchasing term life insurance. All the life insurance companies have a cutoff period for the term life policies. This can vary from one insurance company to another. After the cutoff point, it may not be available for you, but you can find other types policies available with decent benefits.

Certain long or short term may not be available to you after you reach 60 years old or older, like a person who is 75 years of age can still be able to buy a long 10-year term life policy, but not be able to purchase a 15 or 20-year term life policy. If you reach the cutoff age for a term policy, then there are permanent insurance choices you can purchase, like whole life policy, universal life insurance or even burial insurance which is worth it when you only need coverage for final expenses.

Alternative Options:

There are a few different varieties of the universal life policies that you can purchase and that have very similar features to a regular term life policy. You can buy the life policy for a limited time or get your policy customized just for you.

But overall term life insurance is more suitable at 60 because of the flexibility you enjoy. You can buy any term from 1 to 20 years according to your convenience, and you don’t need to wary about the premium as it will remain same for the duration.

Where to Buy?

We offer free term life quotes for over 60. This is how you can compare the rate online and take a quick decision. The cost of the policy will be different and you can only get the idea after requesting free quotes from us.