Monthly archive for September 2014

Life Insurance Questionnaire

You may have heard about life insurance, but may not fully understand the role it can play in the life of you and your family. Life insurance itself is fairly easy to understand, but there are many questions that people have about its cost, coverage and rules

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Life Insurance for Marijuana Smokers

Today, nearly half of the states in the US allow for some form of ingesting or smoking marijuana either for a medical prescription or openly in states such as Colorado and Washington. While medical marijuana has its benefits, the overall use of marijuana as a recreational drug

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What Happens If A Life Insurance Company Goes Bankrupt?

The very idea of a life insurance company going bankrupt will certainly give pause to anyone holding a policy. To pay in years of premiums only to see the protection that the policy offers put in peril is certainly a thought that can cause real trepidation. However,

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