Monthly archive for January 2016

Limitations and Exclusions for Seniors over 90

For seniors who are reaching the age of 90, finding the best life insurance policies will become more difficult because there are limitations. Still, in some cases it is possible to get life insurance coverage that will suit your needs. Limitations of Life Insurance for Seniors over

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Life Insurance Claim for Senior Citizens

When the policy holder passes away, the life insurance will provide valuable cash benefits to the beneficiary and help the family meet expenses. The best life insurance company will have a simple, easy to understand system that will process the claim quickly. This article guides seniors over

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Paying Off Debts for Seniors Over 60

When it comes to paying off their loans, seniors often find themselves in a real bind with growing mortgage, auto loan, credit card, and other debt that pile up while they are reaching retirement age. Worse, if one spouse should unexpectedly pass away, the other will lose

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