Monthly archive for April 2016

Low Cost Life Insurance Premium Over 75

Those who have reached the age of 75, many factors play into your life insurance premium. This means that life insurance for people over 75 will be more expensive than for those age 55 or 65 for some reasons. However, all of the reasons are tied to

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3 Tips for Seniors Over 80

To find affordable life insurance for senior citizen over 80 is easier today than ever before. This is because seniors are living longer and healthier. Plus, they are often in need of coverage because many continue to work or contribute to the family and their financial presence

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Term Life Insurance for Seniors Over 60

If you are someone over 60 years of age, and you die suddenly, then your family members could be significantly responsible for the major expenses you leave behind, especially if you do not have a life policy to help pad the burden. Life insurance is a great

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