Monthly archive for February 2017

Graded Benefit Policy for Seniors over 90

Obtaining life insurance for elderly over 90 is not easy as there are few policies which are available. One of the few is known as graded benefit life insurance which offers some advantages to seniors who have reached their 90s. What is Graded Benefit? This is a

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Benefits of Guaranteed Acceptance Policy for the Elderly

For seniors who are looking to their future, protecting the financial status of their family becomes a paramount concern. The cost of funeral expenses, unpaid debt, and leaving behind a legacy is beyond the financial capacity of many seniors who do not want the burden shifted to

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Reasons Graded Benefit Life Insurance Fits for Seniors

Choosing the right life insurance policy for your needs means finding the one that offers the right benefits at the lowest premiums. For seniors, especially those with health issues, getting the right policy can be problematic. However, there is one type of life insurance policy that offers

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