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You may not know it, but your habits and how you relish your lifestyle greatly affect your life insurance premiums. Below is a list of seven lifestyle factors that can directly affect life insurance rates. The more you change your lifestyle to better yourself, the lower your life insurance premiums will go, and the less you’ll have to pay out of pocket for coverage.

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How Old You Are

Lifestyle Matters

Unfortunately, when it comes to life insurance, age does matter. If the policyholder is young, they will pay into the policy for years. Supposedly, younger people will live longer. Learn about the cost of senior life insurance from 60 to 90.

Gender Matters

Women statistically live longer than men (meaning women pay premiums on life insurance for a longer period) which is why the provider will generally offer lower rates for women.

A Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine Addiction Increases Life Insurance Rate

While it’s true that smokers pay a higher insurance premium because smoking is an unhealthy habit it doesn’t necessarily mean the policy will be unaffordable. However, a nicotine addiction does carry greater health risks and will usually cost you two times more for policy coverage than it would a non-smoker. Usually, a prospective policyholder needs to undergo a nicotine test.

How You Live Your Everyday Life

Most insurance providers will require a medical exam which will usually include blood pressure results and things such as current cholesterol level, height, and weight. If there is a heart condition involved you may be required to get an EKG or ECG. If you don’t want to go through all of that, you can always go with a company that doesn’t require a medical exam. But you’ll pay an even higher premium in the long run.

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Past and Current Health History

Your favorite activities play a significant role in how high your life insurance premium is. If you love to race cars or hike along rocky cliffs or even skydive, you are going to pay more. This includes certain career fields as well such as mining or fishing.

How You Drive

If you happen to have a surplus of traffic fines and, other violations then prepare to pay a higher life insurance premium. A good driving record assures companies that you’re responsible and therefore have a full life ahead of you. If you’re reckless, there’s a greater chance that you’ll end up in the ground early. If you think you can hide the information to get a better rate, think again. All insurance companies can access records that the Department of Motor Vehicles has on file.

Family Medical History

It may seem unfair, but your genetics and pre-existing health conditions also determine how high your life premium will be. The more severe medical conditions your parents had or have could set you up for higher payments as you stand the chance of developing the same ones too (if you don’t already have them).

Overall, if you honestly avoid bad habits such as smoking, be a responsible driver, eat well, and be sure to exercise you will significantly decrease the amount of money you’ll have to spend each month on life insurance premiums.


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