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Smoking cigars is for many one of life’s little joys. However, even occasional tobacco use may provide a risk to your health which in turn cause rates for life insurance policies to be higher or even out of reach. Life insurance for cigar smokers is certainly possible, but is it affordable in today’s health-conscious environment?

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Finding affordable life insurance for cigar smokers starts by assessing the risks that are involved, checking the different policies that are available, and taking steps to ensure the lowest possible rates. The truth is that there are some misconceptions about cigar smoking and how it affects life insurance policies in a different manner than cigarette smoking.

Cigar Smoker & Health Risks:

tips to reduce life insurance for cigar smokers - lowering premiums

Although cigars are a tobacco product, they are generally viewed differently than cigarettes because of how cigars are smoked by most users. Although cigars are larger and do not have a filter, the smoke they produce is rarely pulled into the lungs. Plus, most cigar smokers on average do not inhale nearly the amount of tobacco, and thus, the carcinogens associated with that product as cigarette smokers.

However, cigar smokers do run a higher risk of lip, mouth, and throat cancer compared to non-cigarette or cigar smokers if they smoke frequently. Cigar smoking is not considered healthy, but there are dangers and health risks involved depending on a number of factors such as family history and overall use. This is recommended to avoid cigars completely for the sake of good and sound health in long run.

Can Cigar Smokers Get Life Insurance?

The answer is yes, there is term life insurance for cigar smokers available, although the premiums may be adjusted higher depending on the risk factors involved.

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The life insurance policies that cigar smokers can are generally the same as non-smokers depending on how often they smoke. Even though cigar smoking is held in a better light than cigarette smoking, the amount that is smoked over a period of time will play a role in how much the premiums will be.

In addition, your age will also play a strong role in how high the premiums for your policy will be as well. This may tie into your cigar smoking as the risk for developing cancer of the lip, mouth, throat, and esophagus increase the longer a person has smoked cigars.

Some insurance companies also include the risk of second-hand smoke as well, so you’ll want to be aware of the different types of risk that are considered. This means that for occasional cigar smokers, you’ll want to check all the risk factors when considering a policy.

Also, to help lower the premiums you may want to lower the benefits as well to better meet your needs. If you only need enough money to cover funeral expenses and debt, then reducing your benefits to cover just that will also lower your premiums for the policy.

Lowering Life Insurance Rates for Cigar Smokers

To lower the life insurance rates for cigar smokers, there are a number of factors that have to be considered. Obviously, if you quit cigar smoking altogether, the premiums on your policy will be reduced considerably and depending on your prior use may be the same as that of a non-smoker.

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First off, life insurance rates for occasional cigar smokers will not have an impact on the premiums and should be the same as non-smokers. Generally speaking, most life insurance policies allow for one cigar a month to be smoked without any undue penalty. This is considered “celebratory” smoking which means that it only happens on the occasion of babies being born, birthday celebrations, and the like.

For those who can cut down on cigar smoking to once per month, then that will have a positive effect on the premium rates for your life insurance policy. However, for those who smoke more than that, the effects on the premium will depend on the amount smoked and other health risk factors that may apply. This usually requires a blood or urine sample to see what effects smoking has on the body.

There are other health factors as well that may help you lower the life insurance rates which would include reducing your weight to normal levels. The condition of your cardiovascular system and your overall health, in general, will play into the premium rates that you will have to pay. Generally speaking, if you are in good overall health and are not overweight, then that will have a positive effect on your premiums even if you do smoke cigars occasionally.

Where Affordable Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers is Available?

The first place that cigar smokers should go is online to check out the number of life insurance policies that are available. There are quite a number of carriers that offer life insurance for cigar smokers and many of them have rates for the occasional “celebratory” smoker as the same for their non-smoking counterparts.

Your first step should be to find the top-rated life insurance carriers that offer good policies and then get a free quote. A free quote is a quick, non-committal way of finding out what the overall premiums will be compared to the benefits of the policy that you desire.

It is important that you fill out accurate information about your cigar smoking even if you consider yourself a “celebratory” smoker. Otherwise, filling out false information that gets back to your life insurance company may result in the cancellation of the policy. Therefore, you will want to be truthful and put down the average that you have smoked over the past three to six months at the very least. If you have just quit, that may not be good enough for the life insurance company if you have smoked cigars recently.

Overall, getting life insurance for cigar smokers is certainly achievable and many offer rates that are not too much higher compared to non-smokers. It does help if you quit your cigar smoking altogether or at least reduce it to a “celebratory” state. But in the end, you should be able to find a policy that suits your needs.