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As a senior, you may wonder if your life insurance will cover you if you die of old age. Whether you bought the policy a long time ago in your younger years or recently during your senior years, it’s a common concern.

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Many people buy life insurance to protect their families against unexpected death. Such as a young father dying in a car accident and leaving behind a young family. But what about seniors that live to a nice old age? Is that covered?

What Life Insurance Companies Say About Dying of Old Age

Life insurance companies cover natural deaths. A natural death means you died of something that you didn’t cause.

Common examples of a natural death include dying of any of the following:

These are just a few examples. Anything the hospital considers natural is usually covered by life insurance. It doesn’t matter if you’re 80, 90, or 101 years old, life insurance companies cover dying of old age.

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Reasons Life Insurance Companies Don’t Cover Death

Not all causes of death are covered by life insurance companies, though, no matter your age.

If your cause of death is any of the following, your loved ones would not get a payout:

What About Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance?

There is one exception to life insurance companies paying out for dying of old age.

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance doesn’t cover old age. While A&D insurance isn’t a substitute for life insurance, many seniors have it in the event they die in an accident, but that’s all it covers as well as any type of dismemberment.

If you die of natural causes, A&D insurance won’t pay your loved ones.

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Honesty is the Key to Receiving Death Benefits

Here’s the biggest problem.

Some people aren’t 100% honest on their life insurance applications. So even when they die of natural causes, including old age (there’s always a reason behind it), it may not be covered. If the insurance company discovers something you didn’t disclose on your application, they could contest the insurance coverage and not pay out the death benefit.

Final Thoughts

Life insurance generally covers dying of old age, but you have to be careful. Make sure you are 100% honest with your insurance company about your health history and conditions, and make sure you have full life insurance coverage and not just A&D insurance.

If you want to leave your loved ones with money to cover your final expenses or even leave them a financial legacy, the earlier you buy life insurance, the better. Even if you live to the ripe old age of 101, your loved ones will receive a payout when you die, helping to set them up for financial peace while they mourn your loss.