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As you know the health always plays a vital role on determining the premium thus insurers always microscope the health related issues and scrutinize them to ensure they won’t be in a loss in the future by offering you a coverage. If you are in younger age and looking for a traditional policy or the insurers needs every client to sit for medical exam then you will have to undergo for the test.

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Questions Regarding Health for Life InsuranceThere are no exam life insurance programs which are expensive and you only need to fill a form by yourself. Even the senior citizen of the country who might be suffering from chronic diseases, can find some policies that offer a guaranteed issue life insurance. The answers that you put in will be believed by the insurers. But if you lie and later found guilty, this may lead them to cancel the contract immediately.

If I have pre-existing health issues?

So even if you are given the full authority to write anything about your current health condition, this is better to mention about pre existing health issues, surgeries, bad habits in order to get to the safe side and prevent any kind of interruption between you and the provider in the future.

Who’s the doctor to perform the test?

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The insurer will look at several health issues and for a complete body check up, they might select a doctor for you. In some cases, you can take your decision to select a particular doctor for you. Then as you submit the report to the insures, they will check it and determine what monthly premium you have to pay.

They will try to illustrate a complete picture of your current health. They will also emphasize on how much committed you are to keep your body healthy specially elderly over 70. For instance, diabetes and high cholesterol are very common among people and when you get older, almost everyone more or less are suffering from it. Now if you obsessed and regularly smoke or drink, this suggests that you are not interested to minimize the diseases that you already have. This will definitely rise up the premium.

This is important…

But if they see that you are a diabetes patient, but maintaining a good figure or weight, then obtaining a preferable premium is very much possible. Today with the blessings of medical science, even cancers are curable. As a result, if cancer is diagnosed to you at an early stage of life you can still be eligible for a coverage. So, you should never really underestimate and think that you can’t get a policy because of suffering from health problems.

Medical Test Result is Crucial for Life Insurance PremiumWhat do they Examine in a Medical Test?

  • Your weight
  • Your height
  • Sugar Level in Blood
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heartbeat Rate
  • Blood Sample
  • Urine Sample

Beside this, you will be asked about medical history such as surgery, medicines you intake etc. Sometime the family medical background is also important in order to anticipate about any prospective health problems for a client. For instance, you pose a great risk of suffering from diabetes if your parents had this.

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There should be some questions related to the lifestyle you maintain such as drinking or smoking habit, going to the gym, traveling frequently, having any vehicle accident claims and so on. All these personal information will be used to evaluate the premium and if you pose a high risk, then insurers won’t really bother to rise up the premium.

What you need to remember?

The suggestion is to change lifestyle if there are any bad habits and try to make the insurers apprehend that you want to live long and this will draw the attention of them. You also should apply for policy at a younger age when there are no health issues at all.

Also, don’t try to cheat by providing wrong or manipulated information about your health. This can lead them to take legal actions against you in future if you are caught. They also can cancel the contract in such case and might label you ‘red flag’ which means you won’t get an insurance policy in the future from any other provider.

The Bottom Line:

So, don’t try to pretend, just provide them the accurate information and try to master your health by quitting all bad habits. This will eventually make you a candidate for a preferable life insurance even you have pre-existing medical issues.

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