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Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance: No Waiting Period, Medical Exam or Health Questions At All

These days, lots of people want the convenience of purchasing life insurance over the phone or even online. They also don’t want to step through a long application process or wait for weeks to get a policy issued. This is especially true of older folk who many need retirement life insurance or simply want to enhance their current job-related benefits. Typically, people who are at least 50 years old can qualify for no medical exam life insurance.

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There might be a few different options for you when choosing the best life policy, but one type of coverage that can never be refused. If this is what you need, guaranteed life insurance with no waiting period and no health questions may be the right option for your needs.

What Is A Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

Basically, the provider can’t reject this type of insurance for any reason. There are no medical exams or health questions. So, they grant this policy to everyone who applies.

The biggest benefit of this type of coverage is if you have a debilitating health condition that would make getting ordinary life insurance impossible.

However, the downside to guaranteed life insurance is that it is the most expensive type of policy available which may not be suitable if there are other types of coverage that you may qualify for.


  • Guaranteed approval no matter what your health situation is/was
  • No medical exam required thus instant approval
  • No health questions are asked

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I Need A ‘No Waiting Period’ Policy, How To Get It?

Life Insurance No Medical Exam with No Waiting Period

A standard part of guaranteed life insurance is a waiting period which means that the full benefits are not available for a pre-set period of time. Typically, the policyholder may have to wait from two to four years before the full benefit level is approved.

Why is this waiting period?

Insurance companies have a waiting period to keep those who are terminally ill and will pass away in a short period of time from purchasing the policy.

This means that until the waiting period has ended, if the policy holder passes away during this time the benefits will only be whatever premiums have been collected or a fraction of the benefit coverage.

How does it work?

Guaranteed whole life insurance with no waiting period means that the full benefits of the policy are available once the first payment has been made. Of course, such a policy maybe even more expensive than one with a waiting period. But for many, the extra expense may be well worth the price. Plus, many insurance companies may not have a guaranteed acceptance policy in place.

Getting the best deal,

You will need to shop around and see which companies offer such coverage and then choose. Click here for free instant quotes online.

Of the insurance companies that have a no waiting period policy, there may be some that will need convincing in order to grant the coverage. This may mean some negotiation in terms of convincing the life insurance provider that you are a good risk.

Have You Been Denied for A Regular Life Policy?

If you have been denied standard life insurance in the past because of conditions that are not currently present, then you may have more leeway in your approach. Being free of cancer, for example, might be enough to convince a life insurance company to waive the waiting period.

What Is No Medical Exam Life Insurance For Seniors?

To put it simply, this type of life insurance does not require any kind of a physical examination. Even more, they won’t ask health questions. Besides the fact that these policies can help save time, they can also help some people get covered who could never pass an ordinary application process for life insurance policies.

These are some typical features of this kind of no-exam life insurance for senior citizens:

  • Face values typically range from about $5,000 up to as much as $35,000.
  • Insurance companies usually offer these senior life insurance policies to people from about 50 to 80 years old.
  • These are whole life policies, so they will stay in force as long as you pay the premiums.
  • Over the policy’s lifetime, the premiums will not go up.
  • Over time, these kinds of policies might also start to grow a cash value, so you can consider those an asset.

Waiting Periods For Guaranteed-Acceptance Life Insurance Policies

You will not be rejected

Of course, you may wonder how insurance companies can make money if they offer everybody life insurance without even asking a single health question. Instead of using regular health underwriting, the insurance provider will impose a waiting period that may last for two or three years.

Only after that initial waiting period expires, will the policy pay the entire face value.

On the other hand,

Typically these policies will at least refund all premiums paid with interest if the insured person passes away before the waiting period ends. Even if the policy beneficiaries can’t get the entire death benefit, the family will still not lose any of the money that they put into the policy.

Why Buy No Medical Exam Life For Seniors?

Many older folks need life insurance for retirement. They may want to make sure their kids have funds for a funeral or simply hope to leave behind a cash legacy. Since the beneficiaries are actually the people who will benefit from this sort of coverage, they are also free to pay the premiums if their elderly parents cannot afford it. It’s good to know that insurers will offer policies to older people who don’t want to answer health questions or take a life insurance physical.

Term Life Insurance

  • It gives you coverage for a specific period.
  • You get to choose the coverage terms; common terms include 10, 20, or 30 years.
  • Designed to protect your dependents in the event you die early.
  • Pay the premiums on a monthly or annual basis during the selected “term”.
  • Helpful to fit your needs, time-frame, and budget.

Whole Life Insurance

  • Includes a lifelong coverage plan and even includes an investment element called the cash value.
  • This value will grow over time, and you won’t pay taxes on the increases.
  • The insurance premium will be the same throuoit your entire life.
  • Your death benefit is guaranteed.
  • The cash value will grow at a constant rate.

Pros & Cons

Term life insurance is an insurance option that gives people the opportunity to purchase life insurance for a set amount of time. This type of insurance is inexpensive to buy at a young age. However, the premiums do increase with your age.

Also, at an age usually over 80, it is hard to get guaranteed acceptance term insurance (though not impossible), and the premiums are more than whole life insurance.

The benefit of permanent life insurance is that as you continue to pay the premiums, the insurance will continue throughout your life and your cash value will continue to increase. While it does come with benefits, you could end up paying more money as time goes on with a whole policy versus a term life insurance.

How to Successfully Negotiate Lower Prices?

When negotiating, you will probably have to answer some medical or health questions in order to further your case. You will need to have your medical records handy so that the insurance company can verify your current condition.

In any case, your goal is to obtain guaranteed issue life insurance without a waiting period so that your family can have financial peace of mind in case the worst should happen. Eliminating the waiting period should be a priority when obtaining this form of life insurance coverage.

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What’s the Catch (if any)?

Most policies of this type have a waiting period of up to two years. However, you can obtain a guaranteed acceptance life insurance without a 2-year waiting period. Today, there are many thousands of people who enjoy this type of coverage, although there are at least two catches when it comes to the coverage;

  • Expense
  • Limit on Benefits

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance with no medical exam aka no waiting period is the most expensive version of life insurance on the market today. So, while you will get the benefit of the insurance immediately, even if you have been diagnosed with being terminally ill, you will pay more for this form of insurance than any on the market today.

Another drawback is the limits on the benefit amount which is usually $50,000 to $100,000 depending on the life insurance carrier.

Consider This Plan Only, When

Abandoned Hospital Bed

You have no other choice. For most people, this form of life insurance is not needed unless you are expected to die shortly and have a strong history of medical illness, injury, or debilitation. Otherwise, even if you have been gravely ill, most insurance agents will recommend other forms of life insurance that will not cost as much assuming you qualify.

This is important.

No medical exam insurance, for example, is one that is restricted to a few health questions and provides ample coverage at a price that is considerably less than guaranteed acceptance without a waiting period. Only if there is no other option available and your family needs the coverage of your insurance to pay for the funeral expenses should you consider it.

Does It Make Sense to Buy A Life Insurance Without Physical Exam for Seniors?

The Current of Health Conditions:

Those who have undergone serious health issues in the past may find that term life insurance with no medical exam would be the only choice they have. Those who have suffered from especially debilitating diseases or those that tend to recur in the future, cancer, for example, are not eligible for standard policies.

Those that have long-lasting health conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, or heart conditions may also benefit from the no blood test life insurance policy.

Better Premiums:

Many of the most reputable insurance providers offer very competitive rates over their competition. This is a good reason to choose no exam life insurance especially for seniors over 50 years. Lower premiums add intrinsic value to the policy providing coverage.

Less Paperwork Require for No Medical Exam Policy

Fewer Procedures and  Hassle:

Medical tests can be an especially unpleasant process for a senior citizen who has kept themselves in good health over the past few years. Furthermore, the older the applicant, the less they will want to submit to a medical examination simply for an insurance policy.

So, finally…

With no exam term life insurance, the underwriting process is faster. Also, you can enjoy the benefits by the following day which is a real opportunity for elderly people.

Of course, you will still need to take the time to compare the premiums, coverage, and policy details as well as arrange payment methods for the policy you choose. But this is a straightforward process and requires little paperwork.

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FAQs [Read Carefully]

  • Am I Eligible for Life Insurance with No Physical Exam and Waiting Period?

Yes, everyone qualifies for no waiting period life insurance. Of course, most people can find less expensive life insurance with higher benefits that are better suited to their situation, but everyone can still qualify.

  • Can I Qualify with Health Issues?

Yes, no matter your health issues, you are qualified for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with or without a waiting period. This is because there are no exams or health questions that are part of getting this type of insurance.

  • What Happens if I Die Before the 2 Year Waiting Period?

If you have chosen this form of life insurance you will only receive the premium payments with interest. The interest may run from 8 to 10% for the first year and perhaps even higher for the second year.


If you have chosen this form of term life insurance with no waiting period and medical exam, then your benefits will be immediately honored to the amount stated in the policy. So, if you hold concerns about passing away before the regular two-year waiting period is over, then you should consider getting guaranteed acceptance insurance that avoids it.


Health isn’t just a matter of age. Some senior citizens are still relatively healthy. They may be able to pass through the application process for life insurance even if they do need to answer a few health questions. If so, these older folks might qualify for somewhat lower premiums and instant death benefits. Knowing that this alternative exists might help some active senior citizens save money or afford more insurance.