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What is joint and survivor life insurance? What are the advantages of this life insurance? Find out the answers to those questions below.

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It’s an insurance product that continues to pay out regularly, but only for as long as one of the annuitants live for. This type of insurance policy requires at least two annuitants, and it is married couples who usually buy it. It is a way for a person to ensure that another person receives regular income for the rest of this life.


Married Couple Looking for Joint and Survivorship Policy to Save Money

One of the best things about this kind of insurance is it is usually cheaper to get than getting two separate policies. The premiums tend to be lower. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money in premiums for two policies, then consider getting a joint and survivor insurance policy.

When it comes to underwriting requirements, it tends to be less stringent with joint and survivor insurance. This is especially the case if one of the people is in good health. If a spouse is in bad health, but the other spouse has good health, then they should still be able to get coverage easily.

Peace of mind is a major advantage. You don’t want to leave your spouse with nothing. If you have this type of insurance policy, then you can rest easy knowing they will receive regular income in the event you die, and the same goes if your partner suddenly passes away.

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That is what joint and survivor life insurance is. You also know what the benefits of it are. If you want to get this type of life insurance, then make sure you choose a reputable insurance provider and make sure you fully understand the policy before you purchase it.