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When it comes to getting life insurance for diabetes type 2, the chances of obtaining affordable coverage will depend on a number of factors. This form of diabetes is usually caused by the body outgrowing the capacity of the pancreas to produce enough insulin to adequately counter the effects of blood sugar in the body.

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Obesity is one of the main reasons that type 2 diabetes exists and those who can control their weight, consume a healthy diet and exercise regularly may avoid contracting this form of diabetes. However, for those who are at risk, there are a number of health concerns with this particular disease.

Health Risks with Diabetes Type 2:

It is estimated that nearly 10% of the US population suffers from type 2 diabetes. While only 8 million have been officially diagnosed, it has been estimated that with the high percentage of obesity about 21 million people remain undiagnosed for this illness.

Left untreated, there are serious health risks that come with type 2 diabetes. The heightened levels of sugar in your bloodstream will over time break down your circulatory system. This means that blood vessels become less flexible and the reduction in blood flow will cause numerous health issues including increased risks for heart disease, heart attack, stroke, blindness and loss of the extremities which will eventually become a fatal condition.

Can I Get Life Insurance for Diabetes Type 2?

Obtaining life insurance for diabetes type 2 is possible

The answer is yes, but it will depend on a number of factors that includes the current status of the condition and how it is being addressed. Type 2 diabetes life insurance will generally be higher than the standard rate for healthy people, but there are ways to lower your risk and in turn lower the premiums.

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Having diabetes may not be one of the biggest concerns for the providers, yet the availability and flexibility of getting an affordable premium depends on what status you are in. Your recent health status and how you have survived in the last few years are going to play minor roles while assessing the rate.

Unlike diabetes type 1 which is a condition that will include insulin treatment for the rest of a person’s life, the type 2 form is also treatable by taking positive steps towards reducing weight, increasing exercise and eating a healthy diet.

In fact, there are many people who have successfully treated their type 2 diabetes through diet, exercise and weight loss without having to take insulin treatments. By making the effort under a doctor’s care, you can greatly reduce the negative effects of diabetes and even create conditions where insulin treatments are not needed to control the disease.

Getting Term Life Insurance for Diabetes Type 2:

Term life insurance with diabetes type 2 that is currently being treated is not only possible, but more affordable than getting whole life insurance. If you can reduce your weight to normal levels, then the premiums will be affected in a positive manner so that when the time for renewal comes up you may be paying less.

Life insurance for people with diabetes type 2 is gettable if you take the right steps to address the issues facing your body. Term life insurance is the right type of policy for your needs while guaranteed acceptance should only be taken if the conditions are proper as well.

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