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Today, nearly half of the states in the US allow for some form of ingesting or smoking marijuana either for a medical prescription or openly in states such as Colorado and Washington. While medical marijuana has its benefits, the overall use of marijuana as a recreational drug can cause great damage to a person’s health over time.

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get low cost life insurance for marijuana smokersIn addition to the health effects, life insurance for marijuana smokers tends to be significantly higher than for non-smokers. This is because the health risks are such that insurance companies are not willing to charge the same premiums as those who do not smoke or inject marijuana but are the same in terms of their lifestyle.

What are the Effects of Marijuana?

The smoke from marijuana contains a greater amount of carcinogens than tobacco smoke. In addition, marijuana smokers inhale deeper and hold the smoke in longer than tobacco smokers, which increases exposure to potential cancers. In addition, the effects on the brain may result in behavioral and emotional changes that may become permanent or, at the very least, lead to extended treatment.

In addition, studies show that people who smoke marijuana but not tobacco are more likely to take off more sick days at work and generally have more health problems. Most of these respiratory problems can lead to further health issues, which may become even more complicated as the smoker ages.

Those considering using marijuana for medical purposes should make that decision with their doctor and consider means outside of smoking, such as ingestion of THC in pill form, which bypasses the smoke altogether.

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Life Insurance for Marijuana Smokers – Possible?

The answer is that yes, there is affordable life insurance for marijuana smokers that is available. Life insurance companies offer rates higher than those who are non-smokers and otherwise in identical health. However, the rates themselves are generally not outlandishly high.

However, what is very important is that you reveal to the company that you smoke or ingest marijuana. If you do not reveal that you used marijuana and your urine test returns positive for THC, you may be denied a policy or, at best, have to pay a much higher premium rate.

Furthermore, to obtain term life insurance for marijuana smokers, you must take a urine test unless the policy you seek does not require any health exam. However, such policies tend to have much higher premiums, and if they ask about your marijuana use, you need to answer it accurately.

How Does Smoking Marijuana Affect Life Insurance Rates?

What is important to remember is that life insurance companies do not differentiate between those who smoke marijuana casually, those who use it under a doctor’s prescription, and those who ingest it in pill form.

If you do have a doctor’s prescription, there will still be questions that you will need to answer. For example, there is a big difference between taking medical marijuana for glaucoma and cancer. So, you will need to answer a few questions about your product use.

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  • Why are you using marijuana?
  • If medicinal, for what health condition?
  • How often do you smoke or ingest marijuana?
  • What is the method that you use?

Basically, ingesting marijuana for glaucoma will probably get you a lower rate than smoking marijuana for cancer.

Lowering Life Insurance Rates for Marijuana Smokers:

There are few ways to lower the rates outside of stopping or greatly diminishing the intake of marijuana. There are life insurance rates for occasional marijuana smokers that are lower than those who smoke or ingest regularly and other rates, depending on the intake.

Preferred Rate: If your urine test comes up negative for traces of THC, then your insurance company may conclude that you are only an infrequent user. This is because while most tests can detect marijuana use over the past 13 days, some have come back with positive results for up to 90 days. So, if you have not smoked or ingested marijuana for a long time, you classify yourself as a rare user and get a preferred rate.

Standard Plus Rate: If you smoke or ingest twice a month, then you will be given a standard plus rate, which is higher than a regular rate but still one that, for most people, is affordable.

Standard Rate: This is for those who smoke or ingest once a week. Again, this is a higher rate than a standard plus.

Tobacco Rate: If you smoke or ingest marijuana daily, your rates will be that of a tobacco smoker who will have to pay high premium rates.

In order to get a better rate, you will have to reduce the amount of THC in your system to qualify. To do that, you will need to slow down your intake of marijuana and demonstrate to the life insurance company that you now smoke or ingest less than before. That can be a difficult argument to make because the only true test is the urine one which will show THC for 13 to 90 days previous.

Ideally, the best move would be to quit smoking marijuana altogether unless it is a prescribed treatment that improves your health under a doctor’s supervision. Otherwise, quitting long enough to get all the THC out of your system will allow you to re-test and arguably get a lower premium.

Life insurance for marijuana smokers is not only possible, but it is also obtainable, albeit at a higher premium rate. You will want to take the time to shop around online and get a free quote from as many sources as you can before choosing a policy.

You can click here to get some great and affordable offers and the best in the country. However, you need to inform the life insurance company that you do smoke or ingest marijuana because not revealing that information which could be discovered in a urine test, will place higher premiums and possibly severe restrictions or even deny you the policy altogether.