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What Is Modified Whole Life Insurance and How Does It Work?

If the thought of costly life insurance premiums scares you, another option to consider is a modified whole life policy. It has lower premiums but a waiting period that can be as long as three years.

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With modified whole life insurance, you receive a permanent policy with a defined waiting period. Zero death benefits are available during this time, typically 24 to 36 months for most policyholders.

Some insurance companies refund the premiums paid with interest if the policyholder passes away during the waiting period.

How Does Modified Premium Whole Life Insurance Work?

The modified premium approach has the same premise if you’re familiar with whole life insurance coverage. You purchase a policy with a specific death benefit, then pay the required premiums. In return, your loved ones receive the death benefit payout when you pass away.

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Unlike a permanent life policy, your beneficiaries won’t receive the total amount until you’ve passed the waiting period.

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Your premium changes from the modified amount to the premium cost after the fixed period. Premiums may be set for five to ten years, varying by the provider. It is often a significant increase, with policyholders seeing a jump of 50% or more.

For some older adults, this structure is ideal. They can pay higher premiums when they’re more financially established. 

These life insurance policies only accumulate in cash value once they reach the standard phase. It will not offer this feature during the introductory period. 

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Modified Whole Life Insurance?

The premiums for modified whole life insurance are lower in the policy’s early years, making it more affordable for individuals who are just starting out and have limited funds.If the policyholder decides to surrender the policy early, they may be subject to early termination fees that can reduce the cash value they receive.
Modified whole life insurance guarantees the policyholder’s beneficiaries a death benefit, regardless of when the individual passes away.The cash value accumulation in modified whole life insurance policies may not provide a significant advantage, making it less attractive for individuals looking for higher investment returns.
It accumulates cash value over time, which can be borrowed against or used to pay premiums.Modified whole life insurance policies have limited flexibility compared to other types of life insurance policies, as the premium payment and death benefit are fixed.

Should I Consider Modified Premium Whole Life?

Modified whole life insurance is a good option for middle-aged adults who want coverage but can’t afford permanent life insurance premiums.

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You can lock in the best insurance rates while you’re young and healthy but don’t have to pay the higher premiums for five to ten years when you’re more established and able to afford them.

Most younger adults between the ages of 18 to 35 find that term life insurance is a better deal. Higher payouts and lower costs are associated with this approach, but these plans won’t accumulate cash value. 

Modified premium whole life insurance is also an option for individuals with serious health issues that won’t qualify for a permanent policy. Guaranteed coverage means no exams are necessary, but that higher risk to the insurer results in more monthly costs.

If you don’t know you’ll survive the mandatory waiting period, this insurance product might not suit your needs.

How Much Does Modified Premium Whole Life Insurance Cost?

While everyone will pay different premium amounts on a modified premium whole life policy, the structure is the same for everyone.

Suppose you take out a $1 million modified whole life policy with adjusted premiums for five years. During the initial period, you may pay $800 annually in premiums, but after that, your premium may jump to $10,000 a year to make up for the time you spent next to nothing on the coverage.

You won’t start earning cash value for the policy until you start paying the higher premiums.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Does modified whole life insurance face amount decrease at certain points over time?

No, the face amount never changes. The premium starts low and increases after your introductory period, but the face amount remains unchanged.

The amount your loved ones receive may change if you die within the waiting period. If you pass away within the first two or three years, your loved ones will not receive the total payout.

Is modified benefit whole life insurance interest-sensitive?

A modified whole life policy isn’t interest-sensitive. The cash value will increase as you make full premium payments, but not during the introductory period. Your cash value will build as you continue making your payments.

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Does it have a cash surrender value?

Like basic whole life policies, the modified approach has a built-in cash surrender value. This value will accumulate slower but will continue to increase with consistent payments.

Why use modified whole life insurance?

The modified whole life policy provides comprehensive protection and coverage for your entire life. It offers a set premium that increases after the first five to ten years.

It’s best for those who can’t afford a whole life policy now, but want to lock in their rates while young. Just ensure you know the potential increase after the initial period.

Who is modified whole life insurance best for?

A modified whole-life policy is best for people looking to protect themselves now but has less money to spend. It also works well for those who know they’ll gain access to funds later.

What is the difference between modified whole life and whole life insurance?

The primary difference between these two is the premium change. Whole life insurance has the same premiums for the life of the policy, which means higher premiums right from the start. Modified whole premium policies have lower premiums at the beginning of the term, but then they increase.

Is Modified Whole Life Insurance Right for Me?

If you love the thought of life insurance, but can’t afford the high permanent life insurance premiums, consider a modified premium whole life ins plan. You’ll lock in the rates now while you’re young but don’t have to pay the total premium amounts until you are older and more established.

Bottom Line

If you love the thought of life insurance but can’t afford the high permanent life insurance premiums, consider a modified premium whole life ins plan. You’ll lock in the rates now while you’re young but don’t have to pay the total premium amounts until you are older and more established.