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What is Modified Whole Life Insurance? [Definition and Explanation]

Modified Whole Life Insurance entails a lowered amount of premium due in the earlier years of one’s contract. This can last for as long as 5-10 years depending on the agreement. In traditional insurance plans, the premium amount remains flat from start to conclusion.

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In general, the insurance coverage is designed to have an increasing premium near the backend of its duration. Most agreements will see the premium rise only once after the first 5-10 years. This coverage plan acts as a win-win situation for both parties as the risk is limited during the earlier years of one’s agreement.

How Does Modified Premium Whole Life Insurance Work?

Modified Whole Life Helps Building Cash ValueThe premise is straightforward and follows the same line of thinking as traditional life insurance policies. This means the premium amount is listed out based on the agreement and helps provide coverage for the client’s life. It provides protection from start to conclusion after the coverage is agreed upon by both parties.

This is essential to understand the modified whole life insurance pros and cons first to take the right purchasing decision.

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Pros of Modified Whole Life

  • Minimized Payments In First 5-10 Years
  • Provides Comprehensive Protection For Whole Life
  • Helps Build Cash Value
  • Cash Value Is Tax Deferred
  • Easy To Personalize Coverage

Cons of Modified Whole Life

  • Premium Rises After A Set Period
  • Takes Time To Build Cash Value
  • More Complex Than Traditional Term Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Does modified whole life insurance face amount decrease at certain points over time?

No, the face amount will not change at any point of the coverage.

While the premium will start low, this does not impact the face amount. In general, the difference is only going to be seen with the premium amount and its fluctuation at various stages. The face value will sit at the same number from start to finish.

Is modified benefit whole life insurance interest sensitive?

Modified whole life policy is not interest sensitive but does use the interest to maximize value.

This offers the client an added benefit with their premium amount. If the payment is being made, it is going to accumulate in growing interest, and that can lead to a beneficial coverage plan.

Can you cancel modified whole life and take the built cash value?

Yes, if you cancel the modified benefit whole life insurance plan, you will receive the accumulated cash value. Based on the insurance company, a client may receive one of two options which include a reduced paid-up coverage or an extended term insurance policy.

Can a term life insurance policy be converted to whole life?

Yes, a client may convert his/her term life insurance policy into a whole life insurance policy. This is dependent on the insurance company’s regulations, but it is an option that is easy to discuss and may provide a personalized solution in the long-run.

Term life insurance might not be an ideal fit in some cases, and that’s where whole life insurance pops in as a viable option.

Does modified whole life insurance has a cash surrender value?

Similar to basic whole life policies, the modified coverage whole life insurance policy will also have a cash surrender value built in. This value is going to accumulate at a slower pace but will continue to rise with time.

What is modified premium whole life insurance used for?

The modified premium whole life policy is used for offering comprehensive protection and coverage for the rest of one’s life. It is designed to provide a set premium amount based on the agreed upon coverage and this rate rises after the first few years (5-10).

The insurance is used for those who are aware of a potential increase in capital or funds after the first 5-10 years of their coverage. It works well and syncs with an increase in their accounts.

It is a solution to help secure one’s primary asset (life) and make sure everything is protected.

Who is modified whole life insurance best for?

There are multiple ideal candidates for the modified whole life policy.

This includes individuals who are looking to protect themselves but have a smaller amount of money to spend. It also works well for those who know they’ll gain access to funds later on in their lives.