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Affordable Life Insurance for Overweight and Obese Individual

When it comes to getting affordable life insurance, people who are overweight have a much tougher time getting the type of policy they want which will fit their budget.

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Why Are Overweight People Considered Risky Candidates?

Life Insurance for Overweight and Obese People

There is a simple reason why life insurance for overweight individuals costs more than similar policies for those whose weight falls within the normal parameters.

Statistics have shown that overweight people are more likely to develop coronary artery disease, heart attacks, and strokes and in particular type 2 diabetes.

This added risk is why life insurance for overweight people is more expensive and depending on the weight, age, and other risk factors it may be unaffordable.

In addition, there may be restrictions by some life insurance companies that will prevent an obese person from getting a policy under normal circumstances. This will depend on the requirements and policies of the individual company.

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Life Insurance And Weight Issue:

There are ways to address the issue of life insurance for obese people that will help start lowering the rates and making such policies more affordable. The most important part is to identify the particular areas where improvements can be made in order to lower the premiums on the types of policies that are desired. Once that has been identified, then the appropriate action can be taken.

Lose Weight: This seems like the most obvious approach to qualifying for a lower premium, however, it will depend on how much weight needs to be lost so that a positive goal can be set. Managing to reach a normal weight will have a significant impact on premiums, particularly if you were morbidly obese which has its own set of issues.

Tips To Lose Weight Fast:

Losing weight is not an easy task but gradual and continuous afford can help to reach the goal. Today, two-thirds of American adults are considered overweight and one-third are obese which is alarming.

Life Insurance Premium is Reduced After Losing Weight

By practicing a healthy lifestyle and doing simple workouts at home, one can easily get back to normal shape. If you are unsure how much overweight you are, then first calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) which gives you a number depending on your height and weight. Your BMI is supposed to be in this range 18.5–24.9 to consider your weight as normal. If you find it in between 25–29.9 then you are overweight and if it is over 30 then you are obese.

You will find tons of information and tips online on how to lose weight successfully. You should never follow any crash diet which is unhealthy and doesn’t last long which means you are going to put back that weight when you stop doing a crash diet. You rather follow a healthy diet after consulting with a dietitian or nutritionist.

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To lose weight fast, follow a high protein low carb diet plan. Carb turns to fat if they are not burned out. You should consume more fresh fruits, green vegetables, white meat (chicken), milk, egg, nut, green tea which boosts the metabolism and helps to lose weight fast.

Try to avoid oily and fried foods, junk foods, cold drinks, red meat, rice, and sugar.

Life insurance for morbidly obese people is very difficult under normal circumstances. However, there is an option that may fall within your budget if you cannot lose the weight.

Guaranteed Life Insurance:

This is a form of life insurance that has no medical exam or questions and cannot be refused. While this form of life insurance is very expensive, it may be less than one which includes a health exam or if you would otherwise be turned down. The caveat about guaranteed life insurance however is that you must survive a pre-determined period of time which is usually about two years before the full benefits take effect.

In the end, losing weight and exercising regularly are the best methods for most people to then find affordable life insurance.

Finding Affordable Life Insurance for Overweight People:

You can shop for a free quote online from us that offer life insurance for overweight individuals. By comparing the quotes, you can see which company offers the best price for their policies. In addition, you can also look at guaranteed health insurance or perhaps no medical exam insurance which may help you qualify for an affordable policy.

However, you should also consider life insurance companies that specialize in high-risk individuals, such as those who are overweight and seek alternatives such as losing weight in order to qualify for standard policies.