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You may have heard about a modified premium whole life contract, but may not fully understand how it works or why it is different compared to traditional life policies. For some people, having this form of life insurance offers advantages that can be quite beneficial depending on their financial status.

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What is A Modified Premium Policy?

Essentially, this means that the premium amount for the first five to ten years is lower compared to a standard life insurance policy. You still pay the same amount over the term of the policy as the rates adjust after the initial period has ended. The premiums you pay and the length of time that the lower premiums are in effect depending on the type of policy you have chosen and the insurance company.

It should be noted that the amount difference between modified and traditional policies are noticeable, but not all that striking. This means that you still pay a substantial amount of your premiums even with a modified policy, it’s not just as much compared to traditional ones over the first five to ten years.

Benefits of Graded Premium Whole Life Insurance

There are certain advantages to using a modified or graded premium policy which makes sense to both the individual and the insurance company.

Increase in Rates with Increased Risk

The premiums are set by insurance companies that evaluate statistics based on your age, gender, lifestyle, and other factors. The younger you are, the less risk you present to insurance companies which means you get a lower rate. This works well for modified coverage policies as younger people will pay even less.

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Rise in Salary

For most people who work, they will experience a rise in their salary as they advance in the company or take new jobs that pay even more. This means that a modified policy becomes more affordable for younger people who are just starting out and increases when they have earned the salary raises that allow them to cover their new premium rates.

No Change in Value

Although the premium rates will change, there is no change in the value of the policy itself. This means that you still get the same coverage as you would a traditional policy while paying an adjusted rate.

Is Modified Coverage Whole Life Insurance Right for You?

The answer will depend considerably on your current situation.

A modified policy works best for those who take out life insurance early in life when the premiums are smaller and increase as they move ahead in life. This is especially good for those who have started up a family and want protection they can afford during their younger years.

As the higher premiums kick in, their increased salaries cover the difference while still providing excellent coverage. Many younger people are attracted to modified life insurance policies as they make a good long-term investment.

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Conversely, those who have entered middle age with their kids grown up probably should be looking for other types of policies as the modified version offers fewer benefits.


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