Monthly archive for June 2015

Life Insurance with Long Term Care Rider

When it comes to life insurance, there are many options that you can choose from which provide it with some versatility. One of the more popular versions is life insurance with long term care rider. Long Term Care Life Insurance: Long term care is a rider added

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Discussion on Life Insurance Imputed Income

You have probably heard the term “imputed income” while researching life insurance and the following will explain what life insurance imputed income is and how you can calculate it for your budget requirements. What is Imputed Income Life Insurance? Basically, the IRS requires that you are to

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Burial Insurance for Seniors Over 90

When it comes to seniors who have reached the age of 90, there is still a way for them to cover their funeral expenses thanks to burial insurance. In this article, you will come to how funeral or burial coverage help seniors of this age and where

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