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With a plethora of insurance companies already in the market, all with different policies to offer, people often find themselves in a jeopardy because buying insurance policies now is not like it was before.

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With advancements in technology, lots of internet users have become great participants in the most recent e-commerce boom. This has transpired into an increase in online insurance purchases for seniors.

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The conventional way of selling life insurance depend on brokers, agents, consultants and insurance companies’ sales representatives. Over time, however, this method has been deemed inefficient and expensive.

The sale of insurance policies online now directly engages insurance policy seekers through portals ensuring seamless delivery of insurance products. Many people often wonder, why is buying life insurance online for seniors a smart choice? Read through this article for the answers.

The Cost is Lower

Buying life coverage online has proven to be more economical than doing the same offline specially for the seniors. Many online life insurance policies for seniors are normally cheaper by a staggering 70% or even more as compared to their offline counterparts. One reason for the lower cost is the fact that there are no intermediaries involved in the sale of policies.

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Another reason why acquiring term life insurance policies online is cheaper is because insurance companies work with the belief that the risk of mortality is lower for people buying policies online.

No Fraud

When purchasing a policy using internet, you can access a company’s website and go over all the policy terms and conditions in detail. You can even take screenshots or keep printouts of the same, which greatly reduces the possibility of a fraud.

On the flip side, when buying a policy from an agent, you will most likely be a victim of manipulation by the agent. Insurance company agents have been known to manipulate the terms and conditions of the policies they sell only for the buyers to be disappointed because the policy did not meet their expectations.

Room for Comparison

Most insurance companies will have online portals or pages on their website that let you compare the different life insurance plans they have so that you can settle on one that serves you best. Moreover, these portals are excellent platforms for you to look at reviews from customers who benefited from similar insurance products. The option to make a comparison makes it easy for an insurance shopper to understand the plan that offers maximum benefits at affordable premiums.


When buying a life insurance policy online, everything about the specific product is outright open, from the features, tenure to applicable regulatory actions. Insurers will not keep information from a potential buyer so everything will be transparent.

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Easy Access

After buying a life insurance policy for a senior using the conventional way, the chances are that you will not have access to the policy details when you need to. The case, however, is different from policies bought online. You can log into your account and check any policy details at your convenience.

While buying life insurance online has numerous benefits, there is no advisory involved in this case. This means that it all rests in the hands of the customer to select a plan that fits their financial plan perfectly.